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The key to Hydrosyph is that it is very low cost, very effective and very simple to use. Every unit has instructions on how to set it up. 
Hydrosyph takes its name from the word "hydro" - the study of water, and "syph" from the word syphon. The Hydrosyph is a self-contained watering system for small trees, shrubs and plants. The Hydrosyph unit is placed on top of the soil at the base of the plant and folds around the plant to form a reservoir containing ten litres of water. The water Hydrosyph used in dry sandy soilis regulated to the base of the plant via a root extension osmosis tube. 
The plastic materials used to manufacture the Hydrosyph are tough and resilient. They are the best choice and most suitable for use in horticulture. The materials contain a high percentage of "carbon black" and "UV stabilizers". This combination of protection will give the Hydrosyph unit many years of service even in harsh weather conditions. The Hydrosyph plant watering system is quick and easy to assemble. Simply follow the directions to fold around the plant. Water is added through a filling spout and the root extension osmosis tube is installed by placing one end into the filling spout, the other into a prepared hole
50mm deep at the base of the plant.
Hydrosyph will regulate the ten litres of stored water to the base of the plant over a period of six weeks in normal conditions. Field tests and reports back from customers Mulch used to cover Hydrosyphshow that in hot conditions and/or in sandy soils the Hydrosyph will deliver water at a faster rate to keep the soil moist. It reduces the growth of weeds/grass growing around the base of new plantings and keeps water loss through evaporation to a minimum promoting a favourable "Eco System" around the base of the plant.
Hydrosyph can also be used as a dispenser for liquid fertilizers. Water-soluble fertilizers can be added to the stored water in Hydrosyph, this will give the plant the nutrients it requires in poor soil conditions. The slow and controlled release of the fertilizer directly to the root ball suggests the Hydrosyph is a very economical nutrient Hydrosyph on displaydispenser.
It is important to note that the Hydrosyph system will not block up and require maintenance once installed. Other systems on the market do have these problems coupled with the fact that they suffer from high evaporation rates and need to be refilled very often, adding addition labour costs to their already inflated price.
Hydrosyph is available as single units, packs of 5 or 50, or as is most commonly sold, rolls of 300 - this makes it more efficient to transport and store.
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